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Research & development

The company is engaged in on-going R&D through its subsidiary Seabased Industry AB. Research, product development and initial tests are performed internally. Since the company was founded, Seabased has worked to build up full-coverage patent protection. A key aspect of patent protection covers to the company’s solution for turning the waves constantly varying energy output into electricity that can be fed into the electricity grid. The company holds a large patent portfolio that is continuously increasing.

Seabased works in close cooperation with researchers at the Centre for Renewable Electric Energy Conversion, Department of Engineering Sciences, at Uppsala University, Sweden. The Division is headed by professor Mats Leijon. The group has leading expertise in generator design. The generators are optimized for different sea conditions with a world-class, multi physical simulation tool developed by the Uppsala researchers. It calculates motions, forces, electromagnetic fields and heat conduction in different wave climates by solving fundamental physical equations. In addition to the generator research, the Centre has world-leading expertise in hydrodynamic simulations of wave energy converters. The research is directed towards energy absorption from single units to large farm simulation and interaction between buoys.

Our close ties with Uppsala University have resulted in more than 20 PhD theses on our technology.


Research park, Islandsberg

In 2005, Uppsala University took the initiative to establish a A wave research park off the Swedish west coast. The goal of the project is to test concepts for generating electricity from the motions of sea waves under realistic circumstances and over a longer period of time.

We also collaborate with many universities including Plymouth and Southhampton in the UK, Oregon State in the US, Nannes in France, Al Ain in the UAE and Amarita in India, Lisbon in Portugal, NTNU in Norway plus several EU and EIT projects.