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Seabased to use Sotenäs Wave Park for Demonstration and R&D

In an article in Tidal Energy Today, Seabased´s CEO Oivind Magnussen unveils the plans to conduct several demonstration projects at the Sotenäs test and demonstration area following the site ownership transfer from Fortum. Read the full article here


Fortum Acquires Shares in Seabased

The Finnish power company Fortum has acquired shares in Seabased AB corresponding to an approximate 10% stake in the company. Both parties have agreed not to disclose the value of the deal.

"We are happy to have Fortum as our new shareholder. To have a major player such as Fortum onboard is a commitment in Seabased when we move towards commercialization", says Oivind Magnussen, CEO, Seabased.

"We have worked closely together during the wave power project in Sotenäs and believe there is a potential for a commercially viable solution, something Seabased now will continue to develop," says Sebastian Johansen, Senior Technological Expert at Fortum.
"Fortum is looking forward to future co-operation with Seabased from its new role as an owner."

About Seabased

Seabased is a high-tech clean energy growth firm that designs, builds and installs complete, grid-connected wave parks. Our proven, patented, simple yet highly efficient technology can provide cost-effective renewable energy generation without creating eyesores or requiring significant land area use. With over 100 patents, more than 4.5 years of generator run time and an operational factory on the west coast of Sweden, Seabased is a market leader in wave energy. Our vision is to provide renewable wave power solutions to a global market in a manner that is technically, economically, ecologically and ethically sustainable.

About Fortum

Fortum is a leading clean-energy company that provides its customers with electricity, heating and cooling as well as smart solutions to improve resource efficiency. We want to engage our customers and society to join the change for a cleaner world. We employ some 9,000 professionals in the Nordic and Baltic countries, Russia, Poland and India, and 62% of our electricity generation is CO2 free. In 2016, our sales were EUR 3.6 billion. Fortum's share is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

Further Information:

Seabased: Oivind Magussen, CEO, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Fortum: Sebastian Johansen, Senior Technological Expert, +358 40 354 3683, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Seabased to Start Cooperation with Sotenäs Center for Symbiosis

Opening an office in Kungshamn from the New Year

The wave power manufacturer Seabased is establishing cooperation with Sotenäs Center for Symbiosis (Sotnenäs SymbiosCentrum) in Kungshamn.

Article in Lysekilsposten on the 26:th of October:

Artikel Lysekilsposten 20171027

(Read the full article in Swedish here)

“We will open an office at the Symbiosis Center from the first of January 2018 where among other things we plan to continue to develop the Sotenäs project,” says Øivind Magnussen, CEO of Seabased.

The wave power manufacturer Seabased has its headquarters and its production facilities in Norra Hamnen (the North harbor) in Lysekil, where it employs some 30 people.

In August, the company informed that it was discontinuing the project of deploying a wave park at about 50 meters depth some 5 kilometers northwest of Smögen. There are currently 36 generators installed at a depth of about 50 meters.

In the view of Seabased management, the need to install several hundred of the same kind of generators off the coast of Smögen, which was the original idea, is no longer present. However, the area in question is still interesting for continuing research and development projects for wave energy.

Meeting with Sotenäs municipality

At present there are no buoys attached to the 36 generators, and as such, no electricity production, but the plan is to continue the work with these generators next year, together with other companies.

“We had a meeting with the leadership of the municipality of Sotenäs at Sotenäs Center for Symbiosis on Wednesday and were very positively received. From Seabased side, we see many possibilities to continue the development on the environmental side in a creative environment in Kungshamn,” says Oivind Magnussen, and continues:

“We will continue to develop the Sotenäs park with different tests and perhaps collaborations with other companies, for example Fortum. There can even be (?) opportunities for research and development of new kinds of wave generators. We are in the process of applying for EU funding for further development of our wave power technology, and the application will be considered in the near future.”

Continued testing off the coast of Smögen

To the extent there is a need for testing in open seas, this can be done in the area northwest of Smögen.

“It is to the company’s advantage to be active in both Lysekil and Sotenäs. We have just established good cooperation with Sotenäs and will be opening an office with a few employees in a very innovative environment at the Center for Symbiosis from the first of the year,” says Magnussen, who also points out that there’s a need to take one step at a time.

“We are a small company that must build stone by stone,” he concludes.

Sotenäs wave energy pilot served its purpose

(From Tidal Energy Today, 29 October 2017)
In order to continue to phase 2 of the Sotenäs wave energy project, which received grants from the Swedish Energy Agency, Seabased would have needed to apply for further funding.
The company has decided not to do this as it believes it got what it needs from the project, according to Sebased.
With installation depths of 50 meters, a relatively mild wave resource and low cost of electricity in Sweden, Sotenäs was intended to be an excellent pilot site for the world’s first grid-connected multi-generator wave park, rather than a commercially competitive venture, Seabased said.
Magnussen said: “We are very pleased with this project, and have learned a great deal; for example, that our generators are very efficient with relatively low wave heights of 1-3 meters. So efficient, in fact, that the effect of the 36 installed wave energy converters could be increased from 1 to approximately 3MW.
“We have also learned about the managing the entire process from permits applications to grid connection, and about scaling up production of generators and buoys.”
The generation results, combined with cost control and installation know-how amassed during the project, have convinced Seabased that they can be competitive in many areas of the world today.
“Given a wave climate and installation conditions suited for our S2.7 technology, Seabased should be able to deliver electricity to the grid for under 10 cents per kWh. We are now focused on commercial projects markets where our technology is competitive,” concluded Magnussen.

Read the full article from Tidal Energy Today here

New article about Seabased in Uppsala Nya Tidning

A new article about Seabased, based on interviews with founder Mats Lejion and CEO Øivind Magnussen, was published in Uppsala Nya Tidning on Monday the 27th of March.

Read it here.

Local Newspaper “Lysekilsposten" visits Seabased

On Thursday the 23rd of February, the local paper, Lysekilsposten, published an article about its tour of the Seabased factory in Lysekil and interview with both CEO Øivind Magnussen and founder Mats Leijon. Read the article in here. (Swedish only)

Leaders of Ocean Energy Organizations Visit Seabased Factory

At the request of the Swedish Energy Agency, on May 11th Seabased Group hosted an international study tour of Seabased’s manufacturing facilities in Lysekil, Sweden.

The approximately 70 attendeesincluded Chairman José Luis Villate and most of the members of the Ocean Energy Systems (OES) Executive Committee,as well as representatives from the Swedish Energy Agency and key organizations in the ocean energy field, including OCEANERA-NET.

The OES, one of the Technology Collaboration Programmes of the IEA, is the principal international organization for the advancement of technology collaboration in the ocean energy sector and has consistently shown great interest in wave technology. Chairman Villate comments the visit: “The complete manufacturing capabilities of Seabased’s factory in Lysekil clearly show that wave energy technology is moving from prototype testing to a more industrial phase. This will be a huge boon for the ocean energy sector both in the EU and worldwide.” 

“It was our pleasure to welcome such a prominent group of experts and leaders of ocean energy organizations from the EU and around the world,” says Dr. Mats Leijon, co-founder and CEO of Seabased Group. “We at Seabased are most appreciative for this opportunity to share our experiences and inform about the possibilities of wave energy, one of the most promising renewable energy sources in the world today.“  

The study trip was arranged in conjunction with the 2016 Ocean conference (Havsenergiforum), hosted by the Swedish Energy Agency at Smögens Hafvsbad on the Swedish west coast.

About the OES TCP

Ocean Energy Systems (OES), also known as the Technology Collaboration Program (TCP) on Ocean Energy Systems is an intergovernmental collaboration that operates under a framework established by the International Energy Agency in Paris. Presently, the OES has 23 member countries with a number of other observer countries in the process of joining.


OCEANERA-NET, or the Ocean Energy European Research Area Network (ERA-NET), is an EU initiative to help address the research and innovation challenges for European renewable ocean energy. It brings together 15 European research funding organizations from 8 EU countries (Belgium, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom).

About Seabased
Seabased Group is a global leader wave energy solutions and plans, builds and delivers complete, scalable grid-connected wave parks.

Seabased has developed wave energy solutions in close cooperation with Uppsala University since 2001, and holds approximately 20 families of patents. Seabased employs around 45 people and has its operational factory in Lysekil on the west coast of Sweden.

Seabased creates value through providing renewable wave power solutions to a global market in a manner that is technically, economically, ecologically and ethically sustainable, and by doing so, offer a significant and tangible contribution to the worldwide growing need for affordable electricity.

Mats Leijon
CEO Seabased AB
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Second Commercial Wave Power Order to Africa

Today TC Energy of Ghana and Seabased Africa AB signed a second commercial order for a further 5 MW developement of the wave power plant at Ada, Ghana.

Signing of the 5MW contract for Ghana. From left; Hans Bernhoff, Chairman of the Seabased
Group , Mr Tony Opoku, CEO of TC Energy and Mats Leijon, CEO of the Seabased Group. 

"We are in the process of building the largest wave power plant in Africa and we are happy to benefit from the rapid development in Sweden", said TC Energy's CEO Tony Opoku when the contract was signed at Seabased´s head office in Uppsala, Sweden.

The turnkey wave power plant will be manufactured in Seabased´s factory in Lysekil, Sweden, and be based on the new, larger S 2,7 Wave Energy Converter design. The plant will be connected to the existing TC Energy premises in Ghana. 

"We have to commend TC Energy for setting targets for our technology in the African market. This order is a recognition of our technical solutions development and of our efforts to satisfy our customers' requirements", commented Mats Leijon, CEO of the Seabased Group.

Shutting down of the Swedish website

The Seabased Wave Energy Systems address requirements and opportunities on a global market. It has consequently been decided to shut down the company’s Swedish website and to focus on the updating and continuous improvement of the English website. The Swedish domain will remain, for the time being, and visitors will be automatically linked onwards to the English website.

Wave Power generated to Nordic Electricity Grid!

With the connection of the first buoys to the Wave Energy Converters the Sotenäs Wave Power Plant on the Swedish West Coast is now since last week generating electric power to the Nordic Electricity Grid.

The connection of the six meter diameter buoys to the corresponding linear generator Wave Energy Converters on the seabed represents the final step in bringing each unit on line, together making up a system establishing many World firsts, including the World’s first multiple unit wave power plant and the World’s first subsea generator switchgear.

“This is a very significant achievement”, says Prof. Mats Leijon, Seabased CEO. “We are very happy to have come this far and I wish to thank Fortum and the Swedish Energy Agency for their confidence and support all throughout this, sometimes tough, journey”, says Mats Leijon. Seabased is continuing working on several other projects utilizing this globally patented concept.

The Sotenäs Wave Power Plant is financed by Fortum, the Swedish Energy Agency and Seabased. Research and Development within Seabased is carried out in close cooperation with researchers at the Centre for Electric Renewable Energy Conversion at the Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University.

The Sotenäs Wave Energy Plant grid connected!

A very significant step in the development of the first 1 MW of the Sotenäs Wave Energy Plant on the Swedish West Coast was taken this weekend in that the 120 ton subsea generator switchgear was deployed and connected to the Swedish National Grid via a 10 km subsea cable. A number of Wave Energy Converters (generators) were also connected to the subsea switchgear and the wave park will consequently go live as soon as the buoys (point absorbers) are connected to the generators.

Vagkraftanlaggningen vid Sotenas natansluten

“This grid connection of a subsea generator switchgear represents a World first”, says Prof. Mats Leijon, Seabased CEO. “We are very happy to have reached this milestone and I wish to thank all our employees and our business partners for their efforts and their support all along the way”, says Mats Leijon. For Seabased, several other projects utilizing this globally patented concept are already in the pipeline.

The Sotenäs Wave Power Plant is financed by Fortum, the Swedish Energy Authority and Seabased. Research and Development within Seabased is carried out in close cooperation with researchers at the Centre for Electric Renewable Energy Conversion at the Ångström Laboratory, Uppsala University. The deployment subsea was done in cooperation with Cecon Contracting AS, Norway.

Visit from The Swedish Parliament

A group of Liberal Party (FP) politicians led by Erik Ullenhag, former Group leader for the Liberal Party (FP) in the Swedish Riksdag (Parliament), visited Seabased Industry AB in Lysekil on November 16th, 2015. Also representatives of several local Boards and Committees participated. The Liberal Party is carrying out company visits throughout the Country in order to inform themselves regarding new innovative technologies and where the potential exists for the creation of new job opportunities.
It is a great strength for Sweden to have available World leading competence in the research and development of wave power, the visitors underlined during the factory tour. “We must find carbondioxide free energy technologies. Nuclear energy is part of the solution, but we must study all possibilities and there wind power, wave power and solar PV will provide important alternatives when it comes to renewable energy.
For Seabased it is very gratifying to see the large interest that exists for wave energy and at the same time very valuable to get this kind of opportunities to inform about the possibilities offered by wave energy as one of the most promising renewable energy sources.

Wave energy plant for the Andaman Islands

The Seabased wave energy technology is attracting increasing attention around the World and not in the least for island applications, where wave power can competitively replace diesel generation.

One such example is the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, in the Indian Ocean, where a wave energy plant is now being planned. A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between Seabased and Seafaradays Energy Pte Ltd, a New Delhi-based energy project developer.

The Seabased concept is highly modular and, hence, the wave energy plant is planned to be established in steps, with a first stage of 1 MW followed by an expansion to, ultimately, 30 MW.

The agreement between Seabased and Seafaradays Energy Pte Ltd also covers cooperation regarding offshore installation engineering and services in the international market.

Replacement of export cable at Sotenäs, Sweden

Fortum and Seabased Industry have agreed to replace an export cable at the demonstration wave power plant off the coast of Smögen, Sotenäs community, in western Sweden.

The cable is inappropriate. Several insulation failures have occurred during connection of the plant this summer. Therefore a new cable has been purchased.

The decision to replace the inappropriate cable was taken by consensus between the customer Fortum and Seabased Industry. Negotiations with marine contractors for cable deployment is on going.

The year 2014

Mats Leijon was appointed as CEO in mid-2014 following the departure of Billy Johansson. The second half of 2014 witnessed many changes in Seabased and its subsidiaries and these changes have continued into 2015. The focus for the management and board has been to set the company on a firmer financial footing.
· Turnover of the Seabased Group has since increased by 66 % to 80 MSEK, up from 53 MSEK in the previous 12 months;
· EBITDA showed a profit of 3.5 MSEK, compared to a loss of 6.7 MSEK in the previous year.
A new corporate structure, management team and reporting lines were put in place to promote marketing and sales, improve processes and better support both employees and customers.
The company was restructured around four new divisions:

· Administration
· Production
· Technology
· Projects
Administration and Production are based in Lysekil while Technology and Projects are managed out of both Uppsala and Lysekil.
A new subsidiary, Seabased Africa AB, was also incorporated.
New work flows were established in the 3,600 sq.m. factory at Lysekil to allow the end-to-end manufacture of WECs (Wave Energy Converters), buoys and LVMSs (Low Voltage Marine Substations). This included the commissioning in Q3 2014 of the facility for buoy manufacturing, blastering and painting. A complete quality control system for WEC manufacturing was also implemented for the first time.
By October 2014, factory output had increased to 4 to 5 WECs per week.
Current Orders
The first production of third generation WECs and LVMSs was completed for Fortum for the Sotenäs project. Seabased provided Fortum with design and permitting services, the equipment, managed the deployment and continues to provide on-going support. The equipment included 34 WECs, 1 LVMS, 12kV and 52kV cables, a SCADA system, a grid connection point, sea marking equipment and a wave measuring device.
New Orders 2014
In October 2014, Seabased signed an initial contract with TC’s Energy of Ghana valued at US$2.2m. In November 2014, a further contract was signed, subject to financing, for a 14MW wave power plant. The first order was shipped in containers from Lysekil to Ada, Ghana and final assembly of the WECs was successfully completed on site.
Customer and Stakeholder Engagement
Seabased now welcomes an increasing number of stakeholder and customer visits to its facility in Lysekil. Indeed, it actively encourages every shareholder to visit the factory at least once a year.
This new openness has helped to steadily increase interest in Seabased from commercial wave energy developers, many from outside Sweden. Fifteen different projects are being explored at present and the company is actively engaged in "Power Africa" and Business Sweden as well as with financial institutions such as the EIB and SEK/EKN to facilitate further export orders.
Seabased has continued to solidify its competitive position by securing 29 new patent approvals. In total, the company now has around 20 registered patent families to protect its unique system.
Customer demand for continuous improvement in products and processes will continue to drive innovation within the company. This has already contributed significantly to changes to the S and S2 series WECs, delivering increased performance and reduced production times.
A completely new LV (low voltage) switchgear has been developed and delivered to Ghana. The new version has significantly reduced the cost and increased the reliability of the LVMS units. The new LVMS is also easier and less costly to install.
Order Pipeline
Work continues on the order for Ghana and, separately, another trial order for two test units was received in January 2015.
A number of large orders are expected to be confirmed during Q3 and Q4, 2015. Examples include Wave Hub in Cornwall, UK (10MW) for which an MOU has already been signed and permits have already been secured. An opportunity is also being explored in the Isles of Scilly (5MW) and the company is working through similar enquiries in several other markets.
To fund further investment in systems, processes and technology as well as in its marketing and sales functions and to provide additional working capital, the Seabased Board is recommending one or more new shares issues in order to raise approximately US$30m in additional funding.

Sea operations - launching of generators & buoys

Seabased Industry AB has created, in collaboration with TC's Energy, Africa's first wave power plant south of Ada, Ghana. The onshore grid connected switchgear was installed one week ago and the first phase of the wave power park was connected on the 8th of May 2015. Comprising 6 wave energy converters and switchgear, this is the first phase of what will ultimately be a 14MW wave energy park.


Information meeting for the Shareholders of Seabased

Seabased Industry AB warmly welcomes shareholders of Seabased and Aktiespararna's local organizations in Vänersborg, Trollhättan and Uddevalla to a information meeting at the factory in Lysekil on Monday the 4th of May, 2015, 1.30 PM.
CEO Mats Leijon will be presenting the company's organization, current activities, future plans and how Seabased stocks can be bought and sold.

Place of meeting:

"Norra hamnen"
Verkstadsgatan 4
453 30 Lysekil

Press release from Wave Hub


Simply Blue Energy announce Wave of the Future

Generating electricity from wave movement has long been considered a hugely sustainable method of gathering energy from the earth’s surface. The problem has been harnessing that energy. Many have tried, and most have failed, but one entrepreneurial Swedish company, Seabased Industry AB, appears to have now met the challenge.

This explains the high levels of interest in the ongoing deployment of an active Wave Energy Park northwest of Smögen in Sweden using the Seabased technology. The project is being developed in conjunction with Finnish Utility Fortum as well as with ongoing support from the Swedish Energy Agency.

Seabased is deploying 36 Wave Energy Converters (WECs) and a substation. Initially delayed by poor weather conditions, the deployment is now proceeding apace with 21 Wave Energy Converters installed on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 24th and 25th.

Wave Energy Converter Deployment

Established in 2001 in south-west Sweden, Seabased technology exploits proven linear generation concepts to extract energy from wave movement. Seabased CEO, Mats Leijon, highlighted the importance of this week’s developments, saying: “Passing this milestone is great news for the wave energy industry globally, proving the commercial potential of Wave Energy Harvesting.”

The deployment is being closely watched by those interested in alternative energy solutions in the UK as Simply Blue Energy is aiming to initiate the UK’s first Wave Energy Park at the Wave Hub facility off the coast of Cornwall. A contract has now been signed between Simply Blue Energy and Wave Hub Ltd to enable this project to progress. As an early adopter of such pioneering technologies and a strong advocate of alternative energy projects, the UK was an obvious location in which to deploy such ground-breaking technology.

                                                                                                      Wave Energy Converters on Board

Wave Hub, a power research project 10 miles off Hayle on the north coast of Cornwall, is the world’s largest and most technologically advanced site for the development of an offshore wave energy array. The hub is essentially a ‘socket’ into which Wave Energy Converters can be plugged. It provides a grid connected infrastructure to bring the electricity ashore with up to 48MW export capacity and it is home to one of the best wave climates in Europe for such projects.

On the completion of Simply Blue Energy’s project, estimated for early 2017, around 200 Seabased generators will be located at the Wave Hub facility, providing a 10MW installed generating capacity. This will make it the largest Wave Energy Park in the world.

Irish Company, Simply Blue Energy Ltd. was founded in 2011 by Sam Roch-Perks and Hugh Kelly to develop Wave Energy Parks using Seabased technology in the UK and Ireland and, ultimately, in other locations worldwide. The construction of this 10MW facility off Cornwall is its first such project.

Sam Roch-Perks, CEO of Simply Blue Energy Ltd said: “The successful deployment at Smögen justifies the confidence that we have shown in Seabased technology and in wave energy generally. We are looking forward to working closely with the Wave Hub team to create the UK’s first, and the world’s largest, commercial wave farm off the coast of Cornwall. This will only encourage further investment in the sector”.

Stuart Herbert, Commercial Director of Wave Hub Ltd, also welcomed the announcement commenting: “We have been very impressed by Seabased’s technology and Simply Blue’s vision. We are looking forward to working closely with both companies to enable their plans for a Cornwall Wave Energy Park at Wave Hub to be realised.”

Extra Editorial Information:

Generators installed at a wave facility are connected to low voltage marine substations (LVMS) in groups of 40 units, requiring 5 LVMS for a project such as that being implemented by Simply Blue in Wave Hub. The LVMS convert variable frequency outputs from the generator to DC and then to 50Hz AC. The output of the LVMS is summed together at a single Medium Voltage Marine Substation which steps up the voltage for transmission to shore.

Seabased Industry AB aims to be a leader in the field of sustainable energy technologies. It currently employs over 40 people at its factory in Lysekil, south-western Sweden, with plans to increase this significantly. Through the development of innovative and cost-effective solutions for renewable and sustainable electricity generation, it aims to create long-term value for its customers, shareholders, employees and partners alike. It also wishes to contribute materially to a greener environment.

For further information please contact:

Hugh Kelly, COO & Director, Tel: 00353 86 822 7899

Sam Roche Perks, CEO & Director, Tel: 00353 86 246 9345

Eilís FitzGerald, 00353 86 604 4905 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Seabased Industry AB launches its first wave power park

Seabased Industry AB in cooperation with Fortum and the Swedish Energy Agency is developing its first wave power park, northwest of Smögen on the Swedish West coast. The first phase of the wave power park was deployed during the week commencing 23rd March 2015 and comprises 36 wave energy convertors and one substation.
The deployment has been delayed due to inclement weather, but is now in full swing, which means that production at the factory in Lysekil is proceeding according to plan.


This wave power park has been planned since many years and naturally it is very exciting to see it physically taking shape, says Heli Antila, CTO at Fortum. Wave power has the potential in the future to contribute with stable, emission-free electricity production, and so will be a valuable contributor to a Power system with a large share variable production. We believe in wave power’s role in the renewable economy of the future, Heli Antila continues.

Seabased Industry AB develops systems for extracting energy from ocean waves and the company has the ambition to be a leader in the field of sustainable energy technologies. Through innovative and cost effective solutions for renewable electricity generation, Seabased strives to create long-term value for its customers, partners, shareholders and society.

For more information contact

Seabased Industry AB: Mats Leijon 070 425 0923

Status in Sotenäs

The weather has been unusually challenging with high waves on the Swedish west coast this winter. During January and February we only got one short slot with waves below 2 meters. On February 2, we deployed one generator. This was the twelfth generator in the Sotenäs wave park. The installation was made with the new launchpad developed by Seabased and verified by Swedish authorities. In addition, Seabased's underwater substation, the Low Voltage Marine Substation (LVMS), has been submerged at the factory dock since the end of October 2014. Tests have been performed on it with good results according to plan. 


Seabased in Ghana!

The work has now started in Ghana with the assembly and installation of generators and switchgear equipment for the first 400kW-park. The assembly of the generators are proceeding well and all six of them will be ready for testing within a few weeks.


Information to our suppliers

In order to improve the effectiveness of our organization we are during February transferring our administration and finance departments to our production facility in Lysekil.

The transfer implies a new invoice address: Seabased Industry AB
Verkstadsgatan 4
"accounts payable"
SE-453 30 Lysekil

Invoices and related information may still be sent by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The phone number will henceforth be +46 (0)18 504 810.

Contract signed between TC’s Energy of Ghana and Seabased

On Thursday a contract for a large wave energy plant in Ghana was signed between TC’s Energy of Ghana and Seabased in Uppsala. The contract comprises 14 MW of generation at an amount exceeding 50 million USD. Seabased will apply to EKN for insurance of the payment risk. The wave power plant is the first step in a facility that when completed is expected to reach 1 000 MW. The Contract was on behalf of Seabased signed by Hans Bernhoff, Chairman, and Mats Leijon, President and on behalf of TC´s Energy by Anthony Opoku, Executive Chairman.

Shareholders day in Lysekil

2014-10-22 Seabased hereby invite you to a shareholders day on Thursday, October 30 at 14:00 in Seabased production facility in North Harbour in Lysekil.

Please register to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than 28/10.



Mats Leijon take over as President and CEO

2014-10-09 As announced during the AGM in June, Mats Leijon will as per September 5th take over the roles as Managing Director of Seabased Industry AB and President and CEO of the Seabased Group, thereby succeeding Billy Johansson. At the same time, Mats will also resign as Chairman of the Board of both companies, being succeeded in these roles by Hans Bernhoff.

Billy Johansson, who this summer turned 67, has been Managing Director of Seabased Industry AB most of the time since its inception and President and CEO of the Seabased Group since 2005. Billy has asked to be relieved of his duties also on the Board of Seabased AB, but he will assist the Board and the President also onwards.

Billy has over the years developed Seabased from a small organization to what is today a company with more than 60 employees and its own manufacturing facilities in Lysekil, and he has been one among very few who have successfully built new Swedish industry in the 21st century, says Mats Leijon.

Mats Leijon has most recently held a professorship in Applied Physics at Uppsala University, as well as being Dean of Engineering there. However, Mats also has a background from the industry and held during some 13 years a variety of senior positions within ABB. Mats has also been Chairman of the Board of Seabased since the company was formed in 2001.

Mats commenting on his new role:

- It will be interesting and different, customer interest in wave power in general and in particular in the Seabased system has during the last year increased significantly from many parts of the world. There have been a lot of trips for me and I don’t think I have travelled as much as this since I left ABB.

Mats has already achieved results; a first contract as well as an extension order has already been received from Ghana and more “is in the pipeline”.

- Consequently, we need to immediately make adjustments in our organization; more people have to be empowered in their roles in order for us to be able to handle the increase in business volumes and production, he says.


Project Ghana

2014-08-22 On Friday evening the first contract was signed regarding a large wave energy plant in Ghana. The scope of work is a first smaller plant that will be part of agreements giving a total plant of 1000 MW. The Chairman of Seabased Mats Leijon has made the preparation for this co-operation through visit in Ghana and discussion with TC´s Energy. The Contract was signed on Friday by Seabaseds CEO Billy Johansson and TC´s Energy Exe. Chairman Anthony Opoku.

Updates for the Sotenäs project

2014-08-13 In early July 2014 Seabased launched the first ten WECs outside Smögen/Kungshamn. The surgery took two days and the generators are located in the southeastern part of the park. In the next few months, a further thirty units is to be launched and anchored with buoys. The units will then be connected to a substation and the land cable.

Loading of Seabased generator

2014-06-19 Seabased is now loading our ten first generators to be launched in our wave power park in the end of June.

Finished WECs for the Sotenäs Wave Power project

2014-04-15 Several units have now passed FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) and will be stored close to our factory waiting for the next phase –deployment.

New possibility to buy shares in Seabased AB (publ.)

2014-04-08 We have understood that many existing shareholders in Seabased AB (publ.) did not get the information about the favourable possibility to buy shares. It has therefore been decided that those who did not use this opportunity will get a new possibility to buy a limited number of shares almost as favourable as the December-opportunity. This possibility will exist up to a couple of weeks before the Annual Meeting of Shareholders, late April or early May this year.

If you have not used the opportunity then you can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name and email address to get more information.

For you that is still not a shareholder we also extend a possibility to buy shares in the company. Just send your email address to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to ask for further information.

Change in energy situation, Europe will increase investments in wave energy

2014-03-27 It has been understood by many people that the energy situation can change drastically in Europe due to the development of the problem between Ukraine and Russia. Investments in wave energy will most probably get a high priority. To avoid that questions about the possibility to acquire shares in Seabased AB are not answered in time, we would like to inform that it is possible to acquire shares up to the annual meeting of shareholders that is planned to be held in second half of April or early May. The reason is that Seabased is planning to build a new factory.

If you are interested in acquiring shares please send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will try to give you an offer.

EU will prioritize Ocean Energy

2014-01-20 EU has now announced that Ocean Energy will get a high priority. Wave energy as well as currents in form of, as an example tidal power, are of highest interest. Seabased is in the forefront of developing wave energy with construction of the largest wave energy plant of the world off the Swedish west coast. See also link

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

2013-12-23 Seabased wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to an exciting 2014.


Information on a new issue in Seabased AB (publ.)

2013-12-02 Seabased AB (publ.) has today sent a special offer to all its shareholders to give them a possibility to increase their number of shares in the new issue of shares that has been decided. If you are a shareholder and has not received the offer it is most probably so that we do not have your current email address. If you are interested to get the offer then please send name, email address and the request for information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Maybe you are not a shareholder today, but would like to get an offer to buy shares, then send your contact information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New Website

2013-11-01 Seabasd is launching a new website in november.

The Crown Princess visits Uppsala

2013-10-11 The Swedish Crown Princess Victoria's commitment to environmental issues shone through when she visited Uppsala on the 11th of October. The Crown Princess ended her visit at the wave power research in Ångström Laboratory, where Billy Johansson, CEO of Seabased, gave a presentation of operations. To read more: The Crown Princess visits Uppsala













Seabased starts building of the world's largest wave power plant

2013-05-10 In May 2013 the actual deployment of the world's largest wave power farm, about 5 miles northwest of Smögen in Sotenäs municipality begun.

The first work, the laying of a 10 km long submarine cable is now completed. The starting and landing-point is Roparebacken in Kungshamn and extended out to the upcoming wave power plant.The work went smoothly and was completed during the night of May 10th.

The Wave power plant is built in corporation between Seabased and Fortum, with financial support from the Swedish Energy Agency. The laying process of the submarine cable was carried out by Baltic Offshore.