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Investor information

While Seabased AB is a public company, it is not registered on the stock exchange. Seabased AB has four subsidiaries: Seabased Industry AB, Seabased Energy British AB, Seabased Africa AB and Seabased Energy USA AB. All of these are, 100 % owned by the parent company. Seabased Energy USA AB in its turn owns 100 % of Seabased USA Ltd, a company registered in Delaware, USA.


Type and number of shares

Seabased AB has two types of shares; A-shares with ten votes per share and B-shares with one vote per share.

Trading in Seabased shares

As Seabased is not listed, we refer investors to websites offering trading in unlisted shares for Swedish companies. When a sale or purchase has been completed, an original of the Agreement must be provided to Seabased AB in order for us to update the official share ledger to reflect change in ownership. The Agreement in original should be sent to Seabased AB, Administrationsavdelningen, Verkstadsgatan 4, 453 30 Lysekil, Sweden for registration. Agreements are accepted in Swedish or English language only.

Shareholder information

It can be important for Seabased to be able to reach its shareholders in a timely manner in order to keep them informed about important company updates, annual meetings etc. Not all of this information is publically available. Please make sure that your contact details (email address as well as mailing address) are always kept up-to-date. Send any updates to: info(at) . Alternatively, mail the information to Seabased AB, Administrationsavdelningen, Verkstadsgatan 4, 453 30 Lysekil, Sweden.