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Seabased AB

Seabased AB is a global leader in wave energy solutions. We design, build and install complete, scalable grid-connected wave parks.

Seabased’s green, sustainable energy solution is already competitively priced for many areas of the world. There is huge global interest for our modularized design, and our products are especially suited for the 2-3 meter wave climates of the tropics.

Seabased’s technology is functionality verified with the connection of the Sotenäs Wave Power Plant on the Swedish west coast to the Nordic Electricity Grid, which is the world’s first multi-generator wave park. In addition, our generator technology has been proven via the WESA project in Finland a joint effort between Uppsala University (Lead Partner), Ålands Teknikkluster r.f. and University of Turku, a pioneering wave energy conversion project in the waters outside of Åland Islands. The project ran from May 2011 until the end of 2013 and was financed by the EU, through the European Regional Development Fund, and the remaining part by national governmental bodies.

Seabased has been developing wave energy solutions in close cooperation with Uppsala University since 2001, and holds a very strong portfolio of 20+ families of patents, many of these worldwide. The research is directed Professor Mats Leijon, who co-founded the company with Professor Hans Bernhoff.

Seabased has an operational factory in Lysekil which is widely respected for its advanced manufacturing ability and its high level of in-house vertical integration.

Seabased has offices in Lysekil and Uppsala and currently employs around 45 people.

What We Do and Why We Do It
Seabased seeks to make a tangible contribution to the urgent and growing worldwide need for affordable electricity from renewable sources. We create value by providing wave power solutions to a global market in a manner that is technically, economically, ecologically and ethically sustainable.